Subject: Social Studies

Topic: Belize The group still didnt improve on this plan before you posted it (KT)

Sub-Topic: Our country Belize as a part of planet Earth. Geographical features

Class: Standard 2

Time: 45 Minutes

Materials: World map and map of Belize

Previous Knowledge: Children are aware of the country of Belize.

Objectives: Through the use of maps and models children will be able to:

  • Draw a map of Belize and label it.
  • Discuss and explain the importance of the natural region to Belize development.
  • Locate Belize in relation to Central America and the Caribbean.

Reference: Atlas of Belize and Geography of Belize


Belize is situated on planet Earth. It is bounded on the north and a part of the west by Mexico, to the South and the remainder of the west by Guatemala.

Reference: Atlas of Belize and Geography of Belize.

Linkages: Science (environment)

Arts Craft (drawing)

Skills: observe picture

Draw a map

Write name of District

Attitude: awareness of the location of Belize.

Participate in class discussion.

Cooperating in work


  • Pupil will be given a puzzle in groups to arrange which say “Belize”
  • Discuss what they know about Belize.
  • Will get responses and write them on chalk board.


  • Students will be provided with a blank sheet of paper and draw the map of Belize.
  • Students will label the different districts on the map of Belize.
  • Students will label the geographical boundaries of Belize.


Teacher will review with students the location of Belize on planet earth and geographical regions.


Students will present their drawing to the class.

Extended Activity:

Student will place their drawing on the wall.





Areas of Improvement:



Follow up Activity: