Name of class, Teacher, principal and students
Class- Standard 5
Teacher- Mr. A. Williams
Principal- Mrs. Bencomo
Ryan Burgos
Kevon Rickets
Kevin Gilharry
Katherine Sanchez

This service learning project occurred at the Buttonwood Bay Nazarene Primary school situated on Coney drive Belize City. Class was chosen was a standard 5 class that has 29 students. Name of the teacher is Mr. A William’s. I chose to assist students in the language arts area because I understand there were a lot of needs within that subject area. I went to the school and observed the students strength and weaknesses. Their weaknesses were writing, reading and most importantly there oral communication skills. After some extensive research I had a plan to assist these students. After my thorough visits to the class room I spoken assisted them in pairs and individually. And the end of my service learning project I saw drastic improvements. I went and brought many different tips on how to improve reading such as Read about things that interest them, Read material that is at their level or just a little difficult for them,Let your imagination get involved and many more. I also brought some articles and examples as well as visual aids to help the studentswith their writing ability, however there were 2 of them that needed extra assistance in their oral communication. So what is oral communication?
Oral communication is the spoken interaction between 2 or more people, it is where a person interact with others to show or receive information. Throughout many sites and f oral communication I must agree with them. The words might be distinctive in the definitions but all of the definitions have one connotation, the interaction between two or more people with the use of spoken words. Yes it does entail interactions however I personally believe that oral communication is a type of skill a skill that these students should have developed. In order for one to triumph in this skill the skill must be learned also with the help of the teachers as educators. So how would one go about learning skill? I believe that with a little practice and choosing the right words and tone and speed ones oral communication should be very effective. Thus I may add to what I’ve read about in an article that if you manage choosing the right words tone and speed It requires you to learn and understand what you say when and how to say something. It is very important for us as teacher to be able to assist these students in developing the oral communication skill. That is exactly what I did. If we manage to take the time and help our students we will see them progress personally, professionally, academically and socially. The best part of the project was seeing how important it is for these children to learn. I really felt a sense of relief.
The hardest part was not being able to provide the necessary resources that would enable to learn at a faster pace and improve more effectively. At the beginning of the project I thought that each student had same issues but I was wrong, some had comprehension only, reading only and a combination of all. The most valuable thing each student showed was the respect that they had for each other and their opinion. Some of the concerns I have based on what I experienced on the project was the lack of resources these students should have had many kinds of dictionaries and thesauruses. When I requested them none was available. Another major concern was the classroom management that the teacher had. Throughout observations the class was very noisy and with poor classroom management will result in poor academic performance. This project was connected to my life because when I was younger I had bad oral communication skills and with the assistance of a tutor I managed to communicate effectively and increased my academic performance. What I have learned this project was that it doesn’t matter how many people is around, one person can make a difference in someone’s life. There are many ways I could stay involve in this project in the future as long as I be dedicated to helping others and do my civic duty. I could lend assistance to certain schools that have children with special needs or just help someone who has a little difficulty in certain areas.